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10 seconds about me (Elbert Chu), maybe less.

I believe.

Family man.

I make things and solve problems, hopefully at the same time. Here’s a fun Print Mag interview on that.

I hunt signal and slay noise. I’ve written for The New York Times, Popular Science, Fast Company, ESPN, and elsewhere. Here’s a nicer looking rundown. I’m engagement and curation manager and sometimes investigative reporter for MedPage Today, the finest purveyor of medical news.

I’m INTJ and tend towards deep relationships with a tight circle, though I seek to connect people whenever I can. For structural design nerds, as you could probably already tell: I’m PsIU.

My middle name is Joshua. My last name 朱 means 89% red, 25.9% green and 20.4% blue, aka vermilion.

Born in NJ, now rooted in NYC / Toronto.